TIMC-Regional Mruby for linking and embedding within your applications.

Fri, 03rd Feb 2017 to Tue, 07th Feb 2017

1. Fergusson College, Pune (Friday, 3rd Feb. 2017)

2. Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune (Monday, 6th Feb. 2017)

3. Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana, Pune (Tuesday, 7th Feb. 2017)

Time: 4.00 pm to 5 pm


  • Shashank Date, NURTURE, USA
Supported by:
  • Indian Academy of Industrial and Applicable Mathematics, Pune
  • (The Mathematics Consortium- Regional Programme)
  • The talks will be especially useful to Engineering and Industrial Mathematics students and teachers.
  •  These talks  will  show  how  it  can be used on small,  resource   constrained   devices    like    Raspberry  Pi  Zero   and   exploring    some    techniques   for    memory    and    run-time    optimizations.
My talks will focus on  "embedding" aspect of mruby. It will be targeted towards beginner and intermediate level audience and will cover the following topics:
  1. Compiling mruby and understanding the build ecosystem
  2. Embedding and extending mruby (some C programming required)
  3. Interfacing mruby with Rapsberry Pi Zero (Raspi-0)
  4. Fine tuning mruby compilation to make it run on resource constrained devices (a bit deeper dive)
  5. Comparing mRuby with Crsytal and Lua, other popular languages for embedding
  6. Demo of mruby 

Beginners should benefit from understanding how and why mRuby is more suited for embedding. No previous mruby experience needed. Intermediate audience should get a feel for the mruby API and its limitations. Finally, I really hope that I will be able engage more advanced level audience with some memory and compile-time optimization techniques I have discovered while playing with the language.

  • Talk for about 40 minutes followed by demo for 10 minutes followed by Q & A.