Publication policy of TMC-Bulletin

For ensuring the quality of the TMC Bulletin, as a policy it shall be a precondition for acceptability of papers in the Bulletin that the following stipulations be followed with regard to revisions. Publication of Invited articles will also be subject to scrutiny by a referee or editor, and to this policy with regard to revisions.

  1. When a doubt is raised about a statement in a paper under consideration by a referee or editor, including claims about historical dates etc., if the original version is to be adhered to, justification for it has to be given based on citations from sources with professional standing acceptable to the editor(s), in which popular appreciation of the item shall not play any role. Statements made in deviant writings, especially from commercially published books not subject to academic review during the process of publication, may not be accepted for justification of statements for inclusion in the articles.

  2. Apart from the standing of the cited source it is also important that the subject matter be adequately germane to the discussion in the source work. Incidental statement on an issue in a source where the topic is either unrelated to the main theme, or concerns a small component of the discussion in it, can not be taken as test of validity of a statement.

  3. Revised versions submitted by the authors shall be carefully scrutinized to ensure that the needful is done not only in the part brought to notice in the earlier report, but also in the article as a whole.

  4. In case of any conflict between the views of a referee / an editor and the author, the decision of the editor(s) involved shall be final. However, the author will have a right to respectfully withdraw the article from being considered for the Bulletin.